The Link Bubble Android web browser has gone fully free

Posted on August 25, 2015

My company and I are excited to announce that the Android based Link Bubble web browser has gone fully free.

Link Bubble makes the Android mobile web more efficient. When you click on a link in any app, Link Bubble loads that webpage in the background and presents it in a floating bubble, leaving you free to continue using your current app. Unique amongst Android web browsers, it saves precious time normally spent watching pages load. You can get a good idea of what Link Bubble’s all about from this video.

You can download Link Bubble on the Google play store today.

Link Bubble going free means that all users of Link Bubble can now update and get:

  • An infinite number of bubbles (tabs)
  • Themes base on website color
  • Article mode
  • Article mode for Android wear

At the start of August, my startup acquired Link Bubble from an innovative independent developer named Chris Lacy. Together we worked with Chris on the 1.5.0 release, and then continued to do releases at a weekly cadence.

We’re currently doing business as Link Bubble.

Since we acquired

Some of the new features since we acquired Link Bubble that were released include:

  • Material design overhaul
  • Colored toolbars
  • Custom domain redirects
  • Support for HTML drop down elements
  • Support for HTML file pickers
  • Request desktop site option
  • Auto reconnect when offline support
  • Various improvements for reading mode
  • Various crash fixes
  • Many more new languages and translations

Future plans

We’re excited to be able to put more resources into Link Bubble and we have a lot of great additions planned. Our immediate focus is towards better performance, bug fixes, and customer satisfaction/support. Next, we will work on additional web browsing and navigation features.

Please follow @Link_Bubble for future updates.

Users of Link Bubble Pro can uninstall the Pro version and simply update the existing Link Bubble application which is also installed.

For the next month we’re also offering a refund to recent Pro orders. If you’ve purchased the Pro version since the product was acquired on August 4th 2015, we’d be happy to refund your order. Simply contact with your transaction ID.

Unfortunately we aren’t able to refund purchases prior to the acquisition due to lack of prior purchase data. If your purchase falls before that time-frame, look on the bright side! You’ll get everything you paid for plus a renewed focus on making Link Bubble the best that it can be.